About Me

To me photographs tell the world about how you see it. What fascinates you? What do you notice?

Photography was a prominent part of my earlier life. My father took many thousands during our childhood and I learnt the magic of a photograph early on. I soon understood that a photograph captures a unique moment and place. No two people take the same photograph.

I enjoy shooting things that fill me with fascination, from landscapes and patterns in nature to the diverse products of human culture.

Shooting somewhere different forces you to understand a new environment and culture, searching for that interest. Shooting a blanket factory in Kenya was one of those moments. I was able to discover an alien workplace and a business through the workers that make it a reality.

I am based in Surrey, England and travel outside the UK when I can. Naturally, we always find fascination in spots away from home, but more and more I believe fascination is right in front of you. You just have to search. I am searching.